Ankara University

Institute of Nuclear Sciences


Year: 2015 Volume: 2 Number: 2
Table of Contents

  1. Analytical Formulae to Calculate the Total Efficiency of an Arbitrarily Positioned Point Source by an Elliptical Cylindrical Detector
M. I. Abbas, S. Hammoud, T. Ibrahim, M. Sakr  


  1. Present state of the art of a fast neutron dosimeter incorporating RPL detectors 
Y. O. Salem, A. Nourreddine, A. Nachab, C. Roy, A. Pape  


  1. Synthesis and characterization of new phosphor based MTiO3
N. Kayacı, S. Dayan, A. K. Küçük, N. Kalaycıoğlu Özpozan, E. Öztürk, E. Karacaoğlu  


  1. Influences of Irradiation on the C–V and G/ ω –V Characteristics of Si3N4 MIS Capacitors
Ş. Kaya, E. Yılmaz, A. O. Çetinkaya  


  1. Kinetic analysis of the main glow peak of α-Al2O3:C exposed to high irradiation dose
A. N. Nyirenda, M. L. Chithambo  

ISSN: 2148-3981