Course Goals:

To learn the basics of C computer code implementing the numerical analysis techniques to a problem exactly. To carry out applications for programming.

Course Learning Outcomes:

In this lecture, students will be able to reach the level that they can encode C computer code with Monte Carlo program and will be ready for Numerical Analysis Techniques and Applications II lecture that Monte Carlo programme and codings are described.

Course Subjects:

  • Receiving information from the screen.
  • Operators-1; operators-2; pointer studies.
  • Type conversions, program control statements.
  • Loops(do-while, while, for).
  • Studying with subprograms.
  • Application of mathematical functions.
  • Application with directory control functions.
  • Creating file and writing studies.
  • Application of reading from file.
  • Application of reading from file and writing.
  • Introduction to Monte Carlo.