Course Goals:

The aim of this course is to learn interaction of ionizing radiation with matter, LET and RBE values, the effect levels of radiation in living being, the effects on of cell, tissue, organ and systems, tolerated doses, radioprotectors, radiosensitizers and the effect of mechanism, cell kinetic in normal tissue and tumors, 5R in radiotherapy, linear quadratic model, radiation carcinogenesis, risk estimation and radiation protection.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Learning the effect of radiation on biologic systems are important for accuracy of radiation applications on diagnosis and treatment and radiation proection. The use of this information by the students in their professional lives will provide the correct, high quality and safe usage of the radiation in diagnostic and other radiation fields.

Course Subjects:

  • Cell biology
  • Definition of molecular and cellular biology
  • Importance of radiobiology and interaction of ionising radiation with matter, LET, RBE.
  • Effect of radiation at cell level(necrosis, Bergonie and Tribondeau law, cell cycle and radiation sensitivities, survival curves, target theory.
  • Lethal and sublethal radiation damages, general radiation pathology.
  • The factors which changes the biological effects of radiation.
  • The effect of radiation at tissue organ and system levels, tolerance doses.
  • Radioprotectors, radiosensitisers and their mecanism of action, hyperthermia.
  • Acute effect of radiation at whole body exposures.
  • Cell kinetic on normal tissue and tumor.
  • 5R of radiotherapy.
  • Dose-time relationship at fractional radiotherapy.
  • Late side effects of radiation, radiation carsinogenesis, the effect of radiation on ebryo and fetus.
  • Risk estimation and radiation protection.