1. Neutron Irradiation Unit

Within the scope of neutron metrology, by using the neutron-capture (n, γ) reactions that take place with thermal (0.0252 eV) and epithermal (0.50 eV-100 keV) neutron bombardment, mainly in the thermal neutron energy region, thermal neutron and epithermal neutron (resonance integral) cross sections of some stable isotopes, that their  accuracy and precision are still under investigation, can be measured. Sample brought to laboratory in 2-3 seconds by pneumatic sample transfer system can be counted using the 37 GBq 241Am-Be irradiation unit shown in the figure

Fig.  37 GBq 241Am-Be Neutron irradiation unit

Blue pipe: Rabbit irradiation position

White pipe: Manuel irradiation position

 2. Cs-137 Irradiation Unit

Two Cs-137 sources having 50 mCi and 10 Ci nominal activities

Absorber slabs that decrease the dose rate

Calibration Bench that moves in three dimensions