To follow the current developments in science and technology in the use of ionizing radiation in terms of human health. To keep academic education and research activities at the highest level and develop national and international cooperation. To improve awareness of radiation users, patients and society about radiation. To provide scientific suggestions and recommendations related to radiation protection.


The Institute of Nuclear Sciences was founded in 2006 with the leadership of the faculty members of Engineering Physics of Ankara University with visions of modern education and scientific research on health physics, and serving the community related to the applications on ionizing radiation.

To improve graduate education in the scientific field by enriching it with modern education strategies that are suitable for today’s technologies and with student-centered, free and creative thinking methods. To increase the potential to conduct scientific research with national and international projects.

To contribute to the establishment and development of infrastructure related to Nuclear Technologies and to create training programs at the international level in order to educate the human resources needed in the future.