Establishment Date and Objectives

Ankara University Institute of Nuclear Sciences was established basing on the decision of Council of Higher Education published in the official gazette issued on 16.11.2006 and numbered 26348. There are two departments in the Institute which are Medical Physics Department and Nuclear Research and Technologies Department. In the Department of Medical Physics; there are three programs which are Medical Physics PhD. Degree (Turkish), Health Physics MSc. Degree (Turkish) and Health Physics MSc. Degree (English). The students who are graduated from Health Physics master program are given the diploma of Health Physicist.

Establishment objectives of the institute

To provide a multi-disciplinary master’s and doctoral education on issues related to the use of ionizing radiation in human health (such as medical physics, health physics, retrospective dosimetry, radiation protection expertise).

Selection, acceptance, routine calibration and quality control of radiation devices used in the medical field, training and consultancy services for the effective use of software and hardware to the state-owned and private sector departments of nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology and radiotherapy.

To carry out continuous training courses for different levels of employees working with ionized radiation. Organize training programs with international and national organizations.

To perform environmental radiation measurements on all kinds of food, industrial products and raw materials.

Establishment of the Eligibility Test Laboratory for the measurement and control of criteria determined by the European Union (and some other international organizations) regarding the technical parameters of the devices involved in the use of nuclear medicine and environmental radiation. Providing consultancy and service on these issues and making necessary researches.

To conduct scientific research on medical imaging, dosimetry, environmental radiation measurements, retrospective dosimetry, radiation protection and related subjects. To carry out national and international projects for these purposes.

To provide guidance to the community about medical radiation applications and radiation protection.