Studies Performed in the Laboratory:


For the students who continue their master’s program, the samples to be measured in the Proportional Counter, Alpha Spectrometer and Liquid Scintillation Counting System within the scope of the Radiochemical Processes Laboratory course, chemical separation, solid to liquid phase, acidification, chemical fractionation, extraction, centrifugation, electrobridging etc. preparation is carried out.


In order to perform radionuclide analysis, specific separation processes are applied for each radionuclide of interest. During the radiochemical separation processes, chemical methods such as grinding, ashing, etching, ion exchange, solvent extraction, micro-co-precipitation, electro-deposition and self-deposition are applied. The conditioned samples specific to the separated radionuclide are then measured in a system suitable for analysis from Proportional Counter, Alpha Spectrometer and/or Liquid Scintillation Counting Systems and their quantitative analysis is performed.

Devices Found in the Laboratory

Laboratory devices such as fume hood, electrolysis cells (suitable for different foil diameters), centrifuge, vortex, precision balance, muffle furnace, magnetic stirrer with heating and ultrasonic bath are available in the laboratory.