X-Ray Calibration, Detection and Measurement Laboratory:

In this laboratory photon detectors having 30-100 keV mean energy range are calibrated in accordance with international protocols.

  • X-ray Tube and Generator (40-150 kVp)
  • Dosimeter monitor systems
  • 0.6 cc, 30 cc, 94.3 cc (monitor ion chamber) and 10000 cc ion chambers
  • H(10) ion chamber having parallel plates and phantom which measures personal dose equivalent
  • Voltage Divider (Dynalyzer)
  • Calibration Bench moving in three dimensions
  • Filters for adjusting x-ray beam qualities (ISO and IEC beam qualities)


  • Two Cs-137 sources having 50 mCi and 10 Ci nominal activities
  • Absorber slabs that decrease the dose rate
  • Calibration Bench that moves in three dimensions