Method Development for HpGe and CdZnTe Detector Based Gamma Spectroscopic Determination of Isotopic Abundance in Nuclear Material Characterization. UAEA,  Project code: ABH67390007- J02012 ,  (2017-2020), Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Haluk Yücel 

Course Development on Nuclear Security and Safeguards, ABD Stanton Foundation, Project code: ABH67390004, (2016-2019), Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Haluk Yücel 

 Age limit extension and simplification of sample preparation on luminescence dating applications using thermally assisted optically stimulated luminescence (TA-OSL) signals from Very Deep Traps (VDT) of natural minerals. The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey 1002 Project, Project code: 117Y208.  Coordinator: Dr. Eren Şahiner, Researchers: Prof. Dr. Niyazi Meriç, Dr. Georgios.S. Polymeris. 

Assessment of radiation dose out-of-field at additional treatment of breast cancer with high energy electrons used in radiotherapy applications using luminescence techniques , Ankara University Scientific Research Projects, Project code: 17B0204001 Duration: 03.07.2017, –  , Coordinator: Dr. Eren Şahiner, Researchers:Prof. Dr. Niyazi Meriç, Specialist Dr. Fatih Göksel, Serdar Şahin.

Enhancing Coastal Management in the Adriatic and the Black Sea by Using Nuclear Analytical Techniques,  Project code: RER2016005, (2018-2019), Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Haluk Yücel