Solid State and Retrospective Dosimetry Laboratory consist of three departments:

  • Thermoluminescence/Optically Stimulated Luminescence (TL/OSL)
  • Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)
  • Sample Preparation Room

The services provided by our laboratory and the research topics are as follows:


  • Dating of geological and archaeological materials using OSL and TL methods.
  • Analysis of luminescence properties of natural and artificial materials using TL/OSL methods (glow curves, dose response, minimum measurable dose analysis).
  • Determination of kinetic parameters of natural and artificial materials.
  • Detection of thermal activation curves (200°C to 700°C).

Research Topics:

  • Dating of geological and archaeological materials using OSL/TL & EPR spectroscopy methods.
  • Registration of historical monuments.
  • Investigation of luminescence properties and kinetics of natural/artificial crystals and their use as a radiation dosimeter.
  • Determination of radiation doses of irradiated foods.
  • Determination of radiation doses received by the patient and the staff during diagnosis and treatment using natural and artificial luminescence dosimeters.
  • Retrospective detection of radiation exposure of individuals/cohorts due to natural and man-made radiation sources using TL/OSL or EPR spectroscopy methods.

Equipments and devices used in the laboratory:

  Automatic irradiator/reader luminescence measurement system RISØ TL/OSL  (internal 90Sr /90Y beta source, 1.48 GBq, Ref.Date=10.01.2009)


Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy System

Bruker EMX plus 10/12

Sample preparation tools and equipments:

Jaw crusher, sieves, ultrasonic bath, furnace, oven, fume hood, etc.



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