Course Goals:

To learn the basic programming with MATLAB; Fourier and other transforms given in imaging techniques course, convolution, filters, to practically emphasize the characterization and quality measurement topics; application of basic processing techniques on the images.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Develops MATLAB programs to implement desired analysis methods;calculates statistical parameters for images; characterizes systems and carries out quality konrol analysis using images.

Course Subjects:

  • MATLAB introduction.
  • Usage of bacis MATLAB functions.
  • Writing script and function.
  • Convolution and filters.
  • System characterization on image and quality measurement methods.
  • Modulation transfer function.
  • Applied exam.
  • Noise power spectra.
  • Radon transformation.
  • Inverse radon transformation.
  • Image enhancement methods.
  • Image superposition methods.
  • Project presentations.