Course Goals:

Understanding the basics of radiotherapy physiology. Preparing for clinical applications by recognizing clinical radiation producers and radiotherapy techniques.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Learn the basic physics theories necessary for radiotherapy; how radiation is used, measured and used in radiotherapy; 3D and conventional treatment planning; dosimetric calculations and measurement methods.

Course Subjects:

  • Structure of matter.
  • Nuclear transformations.
  • X-ray production.
  • Clinical radiation producers.
  • Ionizing radiation interactions.
  • Ionizing radiation measurements.
  • Characteristics of the X-ray beam.
  • Midterm exam.
  • absorbed Dose Measurement.
  • Dose Distribution and Scattering Analysis.
  • Dosimetric Calculations.
  • Treatment Planning I: Isodose distributions.
  • Treatment planning II: Patient information, Heterogeneity adjustments, Treatment preparation.
  • Treatment Planning III: Area Shaping, Skin Dose and Area Combination Problems