101537 Radiation Physics (4.0.4)

101537 Radiation Physics (4.0.4)2021-06-11T10:13:20+03:00

Course Goals:

To learn all basic concepts and information about Radiation used in Medical Physics and Health Physics.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Refresh the knowledge of ionising radiation,  learn radiation doses, risks, calculations methods and usage areas, set up a substructure for other lectures

Course Subjects:

  • Basic concepts.
  • Basic concepts.
  • Radioactive Decay Types.
  • Interaction of Photons with matter.
  • Interaction of charged particles with matter.
  • Radiation dose units.
  • Natural and artificial radiation.
  • Mid-term exam.
  • Luminescence materials.
  • Luminescence laboratory studies.
  • Radiation measurement laboratory studies.
  • Monte-carlo method.
  • Radiologic dating methods.
  • Final exam.
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