Course Goals:

Acquiring the experimental experience due to implementing EPR measurement protocols as well as analysing EPR spectra and results.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Experimental estimation of the appropriate parameters/settings for trustworthy EPR measurements, handling requirements before EPR measurements, implementing EPR dosimetry and spectroscopy protocols.

Course Subjects:

  • The preparation of various types of material for TL, OSL and EPR measurements
  • Examining the effect of EPR signal using standard samples microwave power, modulation amplitude, etc. measurement parameters
  • Obtaining data like g-factor, peak to peak height, signal width for EPR spectrum analysis obtained from different samples (Tooth enamel, samples including carbonate sugar, …)
  • Examination of the dependence of the radiation dose EPR signal
  • Determination of the equivalent dose for dating studies with additive method
  • Dose estimation in irradiated foods for purpose of protection
  • Application related to climate and environment research
  • Detection and error analysis of absorbed radiation dose in the relevant sample