Prof. Dr. Niyazi MERİÇ

Institute Director 
Telephone : 0 (312) 212 85 77
Academic CV

Niyazi Meriç was born in Niksar/Tokat on April 3, 1961. After completing his primary and secondary education in Niksar he attended and graduated from Istanbul Kabatas High School in 1979 and later on graduated from Department of Physics at the Faculty of Science in Ankara University in 1985. After joining the army to perform the military service in Ankara Etimesgut Armor Unit School and Training Division Command Post he then finished his post graduate education in 1990 and obtain his Phd in 1995 in the Department of Physics at Ankara University Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.

In Department of Physics at Ankara University he became a research assistant in 1986 and then teaching assistant in 1995. In 2000 he became assistant professor in the Department of Physics Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, in 2011 he became associate professor and in 2016 he became professor. In 2011 he went to Jiao Tong University in Shanghai as visiting fellow.

Having huge number of studies both in national and international level Niyazi Meriç also educated lots of graduate and PhD students. In 2000 he constituted Dating Research Laboratory, in 2001-2004 became a member of board at Faculty of Engineering, in 2001-2002 he became the president of the Commission of Computer at Department of Physics, in 2002-2005 he became the vice president at Ankara University Continuing Education Center, in 2001-2005 he became the member of board at Department Management of Physics and Engineering.  Since the year 2012 he is a member of board at Earth Sciences Research and Application Center, since the year 2013 he is a member of supreme board at Ankara University Radiation Safety and the president of the Committee of Facilities. He is still administrating the Institute of Nuclear Sciences at Ankara University.