Course Goals:
The aim of the course is to expain the graduate students scientific research and its outcomes, research types, teach time management in research, steps of scientific research and literature search, clarify the basic qualifications and responsibilies of a researcher and impose scientific ethics.
Course Learning Outcomes:
Students taking this course will learn scientific research basics and use this information in his/her thesis studies.
Course Subjects:

  • Scientific research, outcomes, types.
  • Time management.
  • Literature search.
  • Library database use.
  • Basic qualifications of research.
  • Steps of scientific research.
  • Scientific research report.
  • Scientific research proposals student presentations.
  • Scientific research proposals student presentations.
  • Academic freedom, integrity and responsibility, ethics and moral.
  • Scientific misconduct types and plagiarism.
  • Other scientific misconduct types and authorship issues.
  • Ethics in scientific publications.
  • Citation and resource writing.