Course Goals:
Acquiring the experimental experience due to implementing measurement protocols as well as analysing luminescence spectra and results on luminescence retrospective dosimetry, dating and environmental research, applications and limitations using luminescence methods.
Course Learning Outcomes:
All kinds of geological archeological materials and after the nuclear accident, preparation of building materials from to dose measurement will be completed in laboratory and measurement techniques will be learned with the thermal and optically stimulated luminescence method (TL / OSL) and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) methods.
Course Subjects: 

  • Determination of radiation dose at concerned material.
  • Preparation of different material for measurement on TL, OSL and EPR.
  • Calibration of internal beta source using various limunescance materials with referance to standard ptohon sources.
  • Investigation of dependency on radiation dose of TL, OSL curves and EPR signals.
  • Determination of trap parameters of synthetic and natural phospors.
  • Depth dependent dose measurements.
  • Determination of source energy and configurations by use of luminescance and EPR depth dose dependence.
  • Error analysis