Course Goals:
To have knowledge about the detectors used in charged particle and gamma-x-ray spectroscopy with the medical physics field.
Course Learning Outcomes:
The students will be familirize with nuclear instrumentation and/or radiation measurements.They will learn about components which are used in spectroscopy. In this course the operation principles of ionisation chambers, proportional counters, geiger muller counters, scintillation detector principles and PMTs/ photodiodes and semiconducter detectors. 
Course Subjects: 

  • Ionization detectors.
  • Proportional counters.
  • Geiger-Mueller Detectors.
  • Sintilation detectors.
  • Semi conductor detectors.
  • Count statistics and uncertainty estimations.
  • General features of radiation detectors.
  • Puls processing and shaping.
  • Radiation spectroscopy at scintilators.
  • Electronic components used in gamma counters.