Course Goals:
The main philosophy of radiation protection for human health from International bodies (ICRP, IAEA etc.) will be described to the students within this course. Main protection principles and issues about medical exposures will be discussed. The aims of the course are to teach the students of the health physics and/or medical physics about fundamentals of radiation protection, radiation exposure, radiation dosimetry used in hospital and other medical centres, and the concepts on radiation shielding.
Course Learning Outcomes:
European Union accepted definitions about occupational groups who will work in medical practice. Students who pass this course, with the remaining courses, will be capable of carrying out this expertise. They will learn the external and internal dose calculation principles, exposure limits for public and radiation workers. They will also provide inside into the radiation shielding calculation related to some medical x-ray imaging rooms. They will learn the guides about safe storage and transport of medical radioisotopes.
Course Subjects:

  • Fundamentals of radiation protection physics.
  • Exposure, absorbed dose, dose equivalent quantities, dose of record, Hp(10), Hp(0,07), H*(10), directional dose, H (d,).
  • The philosophy of radiation protection, main radiation safety standards and radiation safety practices (RSO, RSC, RSP program, QMP program, ALARA program).
  • Radiation protection guides and exposure limits (ICRP60, ICRP 103 Recommendations).
  • External and internal exposures, protection techniques.
  • Radiation protection of employees.
  • Calculation of dose due to charged particles.
  • Calculation of dose due to photons.
  • Calculation of dose due to neutrons.
  • Internal dose concepts (Effective dose, committed effective dose, CEDE, TEDE, Deep dose equivalent, shallow dose, DAC, ALI).
  • Principles of radiation shielding.
  • Shielding calculation on medical x-ray imaging systems or different medical systems.
  • Safe storage and transport of medical radioisotopes and radioactive materials.