Course Goals:
To teach principles of overall imaging systems in diagnostic radiology and determination of digital images and image processing.
Course Learning Outcomes:
Since students will practice towards quality control of systems and instruments, they will gain qualification for working in radiology units in hospitals and medical companies. Because they will get adequate information regarding to determination of radiation doses for both patient and stuff, risk analysis they will be able to advisor in the matter of radiation protection.
Course Subjects:

  • Performance measurements of conventional x-ray imaging systems, fluoroscopy, mammography and quality control.
  • Film sensitometer and development process.
  • Area and personal dosimeters.
  • Patient dosimetry in diagnostic radiology: measurement techniques, dose calculations.
  • Patient dose reduction techniques in x-ray examinations.
  • Physician and stuff doses.
  • Determination of digital image.
  • Image processing techniques.
  • Mathematical methods for determination tomographic images.
  • Digital detectors, CCD, CMOS, digital subtraction angiography(DSA).
  • New generation digital detectors(CR and DR systems).