Course Goals:
Quality control tests and performance measurements towards whole imaging systems taught in Imaging tehcniques-1 lecture are practical applications in this laboratory. Dosimetric measurements are carried out with tissue equivalent phantoms and various detectors. Rich substructure of the laboratory allows for alternative measurements.
Course Learning Outcomes:
All experiments are carried out by students. Students who learned alternative systems in laboratory gain experiences for carrying out of quality control and dosimetric measurements towards all kind of systems they will come across during their careers.
Course Subjects:

  • Tube output test.
  • Reproducibility and linearity tests.
  • Tube filtration and HVL tests.
  • Focal spot size measurement via line pattern method.
  • Focal spot size measurement via star pattern method.
  • Focal spot size measurement via pinhole pattern camera.
  • kVp and exposure time measurement via various techniques.
  • X-ray area compliance and perpendicularity tests.
  • Film/screen tests.
  • Automatic exposure control tests.
  • Film/developer quality control tests.
  • Patient dose measurement techniques: effective dose calculations and measurement of organ doses.
  • Quality control tests of fluoroscopic systems.
  • Quality control tests of mammography systems.
  • Performance measurements of DR and CR systems.
  • Applies interventional radiography examinations.